Kitchen & Bath Cabinet, Surfaces and Components Manufacturer

Create your own special look for your multi-family kitchen project.  Cut To Size works with you to go ‘outside the box’ with finish and design options.  Choose from an almost limitless palette of colors and finishes to make your kitchens unique.

Located near Chicago for easy shipping, we’ve manufactured kitchen cabinets, laminate surfaces and component parts for 25 years.  Our AWI (Architectural Woodwork Institute) Quality Certificate ensures that our processes and products meet your stringent standards. 

Put your design ideas and our manufacturing flexibility to work for you on your next multi-dwelling unit project.


Education Casework

Cut To Size works with your design to create an enduring environment.

MultiFamily Kitchen and Bath Cabinets

Make your project stand out with custom touches for your multi family dwelling kitchen casework.

Healthcare Casework

Choose our completely sealed, durable line of healthcare cabinets to enhance a healing environment.

Laminate Surfaces

Cut To Size offers laminated surfaces including tables, desks and countertops.

Our job shop can manufacture laminated wood component parts to your exact specifications, including unique shapes, edging and machining.